Welcome to Red Island Sea Glass!

How it began..

Ever since I can remember I've collected sea glass and other beach treasures along the shores of Prince Edward Island. I have found every colour of glass out there from the most basic colours green, white and brown to some of the most rare red, orange, pink, yellow and black. I've also found combo colours, fully intact bottles, bottle stoppers and many beads & marbles.

Instead of hoarding all my beach treasures I've decided to share them with the rest of the world. I started out making jewelry but jewelry requires more specialty type pieces which means I still had lots of regular, but special shards so I decided to turn them into suncatchers and framed art.

Where my shop name comes from...
"Red Island Sea Glass" 
The beautiful Prince Edward Island is such a special place, completely surrounded by water hence, island and is one of the Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada. PEI is known for being the "Red Island" because our soil is made up of reddish coloured sandstone. We have over 90 sandy beaches decorated with reddish sand, sand dunes and red sandstone cliffs.

As you can imagine the main transport for years to and from the island was by boat so the shores, from tip-to-tip, of this precious island have seen many boats, ships and ferries come and go. Of course, some of these ships to have visited hadn’t lived to see another sunny day above water. Many shipwrecks and a plethora of glass submerged for the rest of time or until someone plucks it from the ocean. There’s also the case of people using our oceans as dumping grounds but that’s not as glamorous to think of so I prefer to think that everything I find came off a glorious ship, like the Titanic!

My beautiful Island has so much to offer including lots and lots of sea glass. If you ever have the opportunity to visit please do but if not, take a gander at my shop items where hopefully you can find something special I've uncovered from the depths of time.

Steph, Creative Designer